>> Duration:

9 Hours

>> Itinerary:

6:30 - 15:30 hrs


1 - 12 Persons


>> Activities Included: <<


1. Guided Tour in the Archaeological Site of Kohunlich

2. Guided Tour in the Archaeological Site of 
Dzibanche - Kinichná


3. Visit to Xulha Secret Lagoon


>> Breakfast Included <<




1. Guided Tour in the Archaeological Site of Kohunlich



This site was first visited by the American archaeologist Raymond Merwin, when the place was known by the name of Clarksville, referring to the logging camp three kilometers north of the monumental area of ​​Kohunlich.

According to experts, Kohunlich must have been founded around the year 259 of our era during the so-called Classic period Maya before being abandoned and forgotten until not long ago, when slowly began to expose some vestiges of what were their imposing pyramidal structures and the remains of some sacred buildings where surely inhabited the high officials of religion, politics and public administrators. Undoubtedly, the most notable of these buildings is a unique pyramid decorated with multiple masks that still retain traces of their original red pigment, which show the face of a Mayan god among ancient Indians represented the powers of the sun.

These huge masks that can measure up to 2 meters high, look complex touched on those achieved to distinguish the traditional symbols with which the ancient Maya represented the celestial band; also wearing earmuffs and bezotes, among other jewels that adorned Maya artists always face the mighty sun god.

Surely, to decorate their buildings with these huge masks, the ancient Maya made of these buildings, the palatial home of their supreme gods, thus reinforcing the link between men and the creative forces of the universe.



>> This activity consists of a guided tour in The Archaeological Site of Kohunlich, where we will visit the imposing structures, figureheads and one of the best preserved ball game estructure that is among the pyramidal bases of this archaeological site.









2. Guided Tour in the Archaeological Site of
Dzibanche - Kinichná



The Dzibanché complex - Kinichná is in a transition zone between the northern lowlands of the Yucatan Peninsula and the tropical rain forest of Peten. The settlement covers an area of ​​over 40 km2 and is made up of four groups of monumental architecture: Dzibanché or Major Group, Central Complex or Lamay Group, Tutil and Kinichná, groups that had specific functions, linked by sacbés or Mayan white roads.

In the architecture of the site is possible to observe the Peten style, temples with facades decorated with paired pilasters, very high vaults double development with tension at the ends of its narrow galleries and foundations with bodies decorated with batter - board, features belonging to a local style, associated with Kaan dynasty, which was established on the site during the early Classic.

The existence of hieroglyphic texts engraved on the monuments of the staircase of the Temple of Captives and findings of sumptuous offerings in burial chambers, they show that Dzibanché was involved in the conquest of several villages, military conquests by various rulers of the Kaan family during more than two centuries.


The sequence of occupation of Dzibanché has its beginnings in the late Preclassic (300 BC.), And the settlement population reached its climax in the Classic (400-700 AD), whose population lasted until the late Post Classic (1500 AD.).

In the Main Group, the main buildings are the temples I or also known as Owl Temple and the Temple II or Cormorants Temple, located in the Xibalbá Plaza well as the buildings of Captives and Tucanes, located in Gann Plaza


>> During this activity we will know through a guided tour in the arquologic sites Dzibanche - Kinichná, where we will visit the various pyramidal bases of the archaeological site, surrounded by rainforest and the great biodiversity that inhabits the region.









3. Visit the Secret Lagoon of Xul-Ha



The Secret Lagoon of Huuay is a lagoon with beautiful colors characterized by beautiful shades of turquoise blue located in the heart of the Maya Jungle near the Archeological Zones of Kohunlich and Dzibanche, .

This  lagoon has a pleasant temperature to swim in its crystalline waters and is the habitat of a large number of animal species, mainly local and migratory birds that inhabit it and if we are lucky we can observe some of them during the visit to this lagoon.



>> During this activity we can enjoy the beautiful waters of this lagoon where we can admire an incredible unique landscape in the region as well as swim and enjoy the pleasant temperature to cool off a little bit of the heat and/or drink a refreshing drink on the shore of the lagoon.










>> 1 Person:

$2900 MXN

>> 2 Persons:

$1800 MXN

>> 3 - 6 Persons:

$1600 MXN

>> 6 - 12 Persons:

$1400 MXN


>> Minors From 6 to 12 Years:

$1400 MXN



> Conservation Fees are per person and includes the following: <


>> Transportation Hotel - Kohunlich Archaeological Site - Archaeological Zone Dzibanche / Kinichná - Maya Town - Huuay Lagoon - Hotel

>> Entrance to The Archaeological Site of Kohunlich

>> Beberages at The Archaeological Site of Kohunlich

>> Entrance to The Archaeological Site of Dzibanche - Kinichná

>> Complete Breakfast

>> Visit to the Huuay Secret Lagoon




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>> Conservation Fees help us to keep our conservation projects, to help to protect  the Biodiversity and Nature of the Rainforest and its amazing biodiversity